Why Retro Gaming will always have a place in my heart?


Retro gaming will always have a place in my heart due to it being what I grew up with. It might not of being retro at the time, but what you grew up with as a child will almost always be nostalgic. That nostalgic feeling makes me want to go play Sonic the Hedgehog on Megadrive/Mastersystem again – so much I have it on Xbox360, Xbox One, mobile and tablet.  What game would you play from your childhood?


What I consider retro

My definition of Retro gaming is the classification of gaming not from the current era of consoles or its PC alternative.  So games from 10 years ago, to all the way back. So even the PS2 and Xbox360 eras of games now can start slowly to be called retro.


What I have found

Emulation game is strong with me. I have gone back on games I have bought previously and looked at emulating them on different platforms. So be it emulating Super Nintendo games on PC or emulating Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Games on iPhone (a few years ago – now cannot). Its a weird environment to be in to want to retrace steps more and more. 

With the event of previous consoles getting released again on Amazon and in good retailers for high prices – the idea of emulation is very strong with me for sure. 


Next Steps

I am currently weighing up my options whether to buying my own raspberry pi to emulate from or looking to reputable sites to build me one. So, my thoughts move on to what could I do…..

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