Why The UK Continues to Change…

We tend not to focus on the negatives on the site, but this is the second in a short series of positive thoughts on events that have unfolded recently. They are the viewpoint of the writer and not the website.  The Website will remain positive, if you think the writer is wrong – send in a counter point – and we will look to write up a new article.

Disclaimer out the way – Lets begin….


The UK is at a crisis point with how politics work. The political world climate has changed with the advent of Brexit and Trump.

Both are extremely controversial in the way they happened. But they happened.

UK Rebuilding

Now is the time to rebuild and look to the future.  We have already seen Theresa May  look to address the Trump issue and try to work through their issues.  She may of not talked about differences publically in the media – but UK needs USA more than USA needs UK.

But that might not be the full truth.  USA are also rebuilding. 

USA Political Change

The climate is still on a knife edge.  Republicans now in charge with Trump in overall charge.  You saw my thoughts on Trump last week.  Trump and the Republicans need to rebuild their political change to suit the climate. 

Can UK Help?  Maybe.

Should UK Help? I honestly don’t know.

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