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It interesting to say that we have only started a short while ago trying out video content.  Our editor has got her setup sorted and now I want to get involved. So I thought I would document this process.

In the coming weeks, we talk about what software and hardware you will need to get yourself setup to do video content.

I will focus mainly on Gameplay footage but this will lead to other adventures. So expect Vlogs, Logs and other video items. 

Early Hiccups

It’s quite hard I can tell you – my first gameplay footage with a mic – didnt play me talking.  So it took me a while to configure the setup.


So speak to you all in the grapevine. Thanks to Action! for providing us with some screen recording software to try. 



Here’s a look at what my budget setup can currently do…


More video content to come – The video content challenge has begun.


Photo by Fraser Mummery

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