Wireless Festival – Why so Popular?



It’s less than a week until Wireless the non-camping festival, which returns every year to grace London with its presence, and bring some of the latest acts to the open-air event. With this year set to be bigger than ever now running at two locations, London and Birmingham, it shows just how much of a hit it really is with fans.

Wireless always draws in crowds of new-goers and loyal attendees, with the London capacity at Finsbury Park this year being 45,000 a day and Friday and Saturday already being sold out.

I’m excited to be going for the first time this year, something always seemed to get in the way, whether it was work, birthdays, days out planned months in advance. Inquisitive as I am, I started asking the question why Wireless? Why is it this popular? Here are some of the answers I got:

Its a great festival because everything is basically in 5-10 minute walk from each other.

Its always got a great line-up especially the headliners. There’s also a lot of hip hop and RnB which you rarely get at festivals in Englandsaid Alexander, from London.

Lots of fun and people of my age” said Sandy from Canterbury.

For me Wireless festival is a tradition, it’s basically at my doorstep and I get to see my favourite artists performing the hottest tracks with friends and enjoy an extended day in the park, I’ve got every reason to go and no reason not to!” said Mo from London.

I have a few friends in London so I love to travel down for a long weekend and spend the days in the park partying to the top tunes with them. I get to stay at theirs too, so I get to shower and have a good nights sleep – no waking up feeling dirty the next day!” said Charlotte from Bath.

So it looks like whether it’s the tunes from top artists, the long day partying in the park or time spent with friends, this seems like THE festival to attend this summer in London. Luckily we have someone going to report back what this year’s festival brings, look out for the review so you can get planning for next year!


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