Wireless Keyboard – Penclic KB3 Review

With the world going more and more to the wireless world and smaller and compact – enter the KB3 Keyboard from Penclic.


The latest addition to the Penclic collection, the KB3, which aims to be the perfect accessory for your work space.  It is a wireless keyboard which will offer a better sleek design for a smaller office space.  The casing made from metal and the small precise keys still make sure you still get that functionality.
Extra Info – Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, this sleek ergonomic keyboard connects via Bluetooth effortlessly, to eliminate messy wires from your desk. You can also switch to a corded connection, if that’s what you prefer.
Wireless savings – This mini keyboard is perfect for your space at home, or on the go, thanks to its compact design. After 30 minutes of inactivity the KB3 enters energy saving mode, simply press any button to re-connect, and you’re ready to go.


Our Thoughts

With the wireless nature it seems a good pickup from the start.  From Setup to length of battery we aimed to test it hard.

We tested this out for a two week period on our PC and our iOS devices.  In terms of PC, it did not setup correctly but that probably me failing to follow the instructions. Second time around with iOS iPad – worked a dream.

Battery length was good with the “inactivity” energy saving mode saving us time in recharging.  Keys on the keyboard have more strength than the average keyboard.

Overall, its a good product and stands high on the portability.  Keys work well however the initial issue of connectivity on PC and the instructions manual which is poor overall –  reduces our score to 4/5.  If you are a good IT minded person who would love to work on iOS more typing away – its for you.

4 out of 5


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