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As you know we have been celebrating 150 years of the incredible children’s story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  

Lewis Carroll was born in Cheshire, England in 1832 and during his lifetime, 1865 to be exact, he wrote such a timeless classic that even now, 150 years later, people are still in love with it and the follow-up story in 1872, Through the Looking-Glass.  As many people know, the story is thought to be inspired by Alice Liddell, the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, after they shared an afternoon boating.

There is something very special about the first time you pick up these fabulously imaginative books and settle down to read them, whether you are five years old or ninety-five years old, it matters not, the spectacular and purely magical world of Wonderland will sweep you off of your feet and have you engrossed for hours.

For such a special book, it seems only fitting to have an edition that not only allows you to read Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tale in all of its original glory, but one that also enables you to enjoy the original, charismatic and charming illustrations that were drawn by John Tenniel, in all of their glory.  That would definitely be a timeless addition to any bookshelf, or young or old.

Alice Books x2

Alice Books x2

The Folio Society have one such collection, that features not just Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but comes with its sister book, Through the Looking Glass.  Hard backed and covered in quarter cloth, the 2 volume set comes complete in a display box.  Each of the book covers are exquisitely decorated with designs from John Tenniel’s original collection and make these very collectible and indeed endearing books to own.  

Inside each of the books, the high quality pages are filled with the words that make up the tales once spun by Lewis Carroll himself and they are expertly accompanied by the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations by fantastic John Tenniel.  

The perfect gift for any Alice fan, or indeed to introduce someone to her for the first time, you can pick up these wonderful books from The Folio Society for £32.95


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