The Woody Allen Library


The 7th July sees the release of The Woody Allen Library on DVD, a collection of Woody Allen’s best movies from his directing, acting and writing repertoire.


Bullets Over Broadway

Starring John Cusack, Diane West and Mary Louise Parker, Bullets Over Broadway is the story of a playwright who is strong armed into casting a gangsters girlfriend in his drama.  The girlfriend has little to no talent, but needs must when you want to get produced.


Celebrity is bursting at the seems with stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kenneth Branagh, Judy Davis and Charlize Theron, it focuses on how the lives of a husband and wife change once they have divorced.

Deconstructing Harry

Woody Allen stars as Harry Block, a writer stuck in a rut, unable to get past his writer’s block.  He starts to recall things from his past and they merge with scenes from past works, to haunt him.  Allen also writes and directs Deconstructing Henry.

Everyone Says I Love You

A star studded cast that break into song, Everyone Says I Love You is about a girl from New York who sets her father up with a beautiful woman.  Starring Woody Allen himself, Edward Norton, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn and Julia Roberts.

Mighty Aphrodite

Starring the beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, Pamela Blair and Mira Sorvino, Mighty Aphrodite is the tale of a Sportswriter who discovers that his son is a genius.  Having adopted the child, Allen begins to search for the boy’s biological mother, a New York prostitute.

Small Time Crooks

Tracey Ullman stars as the wife of a not so good crook, (Allen) make it big when the cover story used for a failed bank job is a rousing success.  The film also stars Hugh Grant and Elaine May.

Sweet and Lowdown

A peppering of fantastic actors including Anthony LaPaglia, Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, Uma Thurman and Woody Allen himself star in Sweet and Lowdown.  Set in the 1930’s a jazz guitarist who idolises Django Reinhardt is on a journey that includes falling in love and facing gangsters!

Wild Man Blues

Wild Man Blues is a documentary that was filmed in 1997 and focusses on Woody Allen and his love of Jazz, New Orleans and playing the clarinet.  The film was directed by Barbara Koppel.



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