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Bacofoil have come up with a few fantastic footie related ideas on what to eat during the World Cup!  So get ready for kick off…




What can you rustle up during the world cup? With the focus on football and all eyes
glued on the ball it’s hard to think about food particularly if it involves time consuming
recipes. That’s why the experts from Bacofoil have kicked around a few tips and simple
recipe ideas to make life easier. From Messi Ribs to Rooney Rolls, there’s something
for everyone.

Sticky Ribs 2Messi Ribs

Add a spoonful of Molasses to BBQ sauce to make really sticky ribs. Poach ribs in a
liquid of soy sauce, muscavodo sugar, five spices, ginger and shallots for 30 minutes.
Drain and add to a favourite marinade before roasting. This will make ribs tender and
moist. When roasting in the oven, use Bacofoil Non Stick to ensure that the transfer
from oven to plate is easy.

Get ahead of the game and prepare the night before, storing in a dish covered with
Bacofoil Cling film. At the same time, throw together a fresh fruit salad to give everyone
a healthy energy boost between games. To keep the fruit fresh and full of flavour, add
lime juice and freshly chopped lemon balm or mint to the salad.

Rooney Rolls

Fly the flag with a classic-with-a-twist take on sausage rolls by adding a spoonful of
applesauce to pork or vegetarian sausage. Glaze pastry with egg yolk mixed with a little
water. This will give your sausage roll a deep golden crispy shine.

Parchment Backed FoilCleverley Baked Spuds

To make baked potatoes extra special, roll the potato in oil, sea salt to crisp up the skin,
then sprinkle a pinch of sweet paprika to add a warm sweet flavour before wrapping in
Bacofoil Non Stick for baking. For a taste of Brazil, try sprinkling cayenne pepper!

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