World Cup – The Couples Survival Guide



With all the excitement and festivities surrounding England’s World Cup matches, it is likely that pink ticket allocation will soon be exhausted – leaving some of us feeling tense and frustrated with our partners.

For those ladies who aren’t enjoying losing their man to football for the coming weeks We-Vibe’s relationship expert and psychologist Dr Becky Spelman has some advice.

You time

Inside every problem is an opportunity!” says Dr. Becky. Use this chance to get together with some of your girlfriends! Who knows, they might be feeling left out too. All those things you have been thinking about doing with the girls – now is the time!

Indulge yourself. Go for a pampering session, or learn a new skill. “Take the opportunity for some quality me-time and do some of those things you may have been putting off.”

Enjoy a little time apart

Often in relationships, we feel that we need to have the same interests and passions,” Dr. Becky says. But in reality, it is often a sign of a healthy partnership if both members can spend time on their own hobbies and interests. “That way, when they do spend time together, they bring more to the experience. This is more enriching for both parties.”

If you notice the “green-eyed monster” popping up during World Cup festivities, try to remember that time apart can actually be for the best! “Use the time to pursue some interests of your own,” advises Dr. Becky.

Be ‘mindful’

The World Cup is a long tournament. Your patience may be tested a few times throughout. “If you’re struggling to stay cool and collected, be mindful of how the emotion bubbling up is affecting you,” explains Dr. Becky.

Here is an easy way to do this in 3 steps:

  • Take notice of the situation – Pay attention to the specific emotions you are feeling. Acknowledge these sensations, try to understand why you are feeling them, and accept the experience.

  • Gather attention – Gather your attention and bring it to your breathing. Spend about a minute focusing on taking slow, deep breaths.

  • Expand awareness – Expand your awareness so that you are not only paying attention to your breath, but to your whole body and the space it takes up. Get a sense of the space around you.

“Practicing these steps can help you bring yourself back to balance, whenever you notice negative emotions getting the better of you,” says Dr. Becky.

Be a bit selfish!

It may feel like it’s all about him at the moment. He is indulging in something that makes him happy. But remember, you have equal right to pursue something that you feel passionate about or are interested in. This could be the perfect time to take that trip or book that course. He’s enjoyed some solo pleasure; heed his example and do something just for you too!

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