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With the world gripped in the fever of the World Cup people everywhere are sporting their countries flags or maybe their team badge as tattoos.  For some this is an option they would not even have think twice about, they would be straight down to the tattoo parlour, in that chair and have some brand new ink, (if they didn’t have it already).  For others though this might be a little too permanent, maybe they are only patriotic during the World Cup, maybe their faith in the team representing them is a little shaky or perhaps they just aren’t the tattooing kind, of course they also could be a child!

Having a temporary tattoo was one of the most exciting things as a kid, all of your friends wanted one too and that was half of the problem, they would have the exact same one.  This was boring, but until very recently there was no other option besides getting a real one, that could net you a temporary tattoo that looks great and completely unique.

image001Your Design is a company that have come up with the ingenious idea of personalised temporary tattoos.  Yes, you read that right, those ones you stick on with a wet cloth, but they are unique, you can have whatever design you want and whatever words, to accompany the design.  It is such a clever idea!

There is a special section just for the World Cup and contains five fabulous designs to get you ready for Brazil 2014.  The first of the five is a map of Brazil covered by the flag of the country.  Next up is a parrot who is perched on the World Cup itself, followed by a tattoo of just the World Cup.  The final two in the category are for those of us who are English and feeling particularly supportive of our team, in the form a crown in red and white and finally the England Team badge.

There is a whole host of other options on the site, from I Love Mum hearts to Cinqo De Mayo skulls.  You can even upload your own design and have something totally unique to you!

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