World Gin Day Soon – Take it up a notch with some Victoria’s Rhurbarb Gin

 We got the opportunity to try out the latest Warner Edwards’s gin variety – Rhubarb?  Its a weird idea but we up for trying it….
Rhubarb is one of those ingredients that people outside the “Rhubarb Triangle” may never of heard of, until this recent revival. The British cuisine in the last decade have started to put it in pies, puddings, jams, jellies, wines and more recently – gin.
Warner Edwards have decided to partner the taste of Rhubarb (tart bittersweet) with the smooth craft gin of their design.  The gin partners the rhubarb attuned to a balance of sweet and sour.
With Rhubarb in season (May to June), added to that World Gin Day on 11th June. It comes at the right time for a try at the Rhubarb creation.


Our Thoughts on Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin

Different to say the least. It adds a different taste to the gin which makes it better to taste for us. It blends the traditional gin taste and flips it courtesy of the rhubarb.

We tried it with tonic water and plain up.  Combining it with something else in a cocktail seems to be the way to go.



What else to expect from Warner Edwards?

Full range bunchedRS

Harrington Dry Gin

Their first and a global award winning entry.  Harrington Dry Gin is truly sophisticated with a well-rounded and complex palate. Its unique character and strong notes of cardamom and nutmeg make it intensely warm and smooth. Robust enough to create a moreish and refreshing gin and tonic but smooth enough to sing in a martini.
Harrington Elderflower Gin
Tis a very special gin which only uses fresh, handpicked elderflower from Warner Edwards’ farms in England and Wales. Harvested just once a year the team capture the very essence of a British summer’s day, from field to bottle in just a few short hours. A beautifully balanced gin that is smooth but refreshing with a hint of sweet and fragrant summer elderflower. To be enjoy over ice or in a refreshing G&T – summer in a glass.

Harrington Sloe Gin

The global award-winning Harrington Dry Gin is steeped with sloe berries handpicked from Harrington’s local hedgerows. This beautiful partnership delivers an intensely fruity and not overly sweet liqueur bursting with notes of cherry and almond, a punchy autumnal masterpiece that can be enjoyed all year round. Splendid on its own, mixed with bitter lemon, or the perfect way to celebrate with bubbles.

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