Would you call your baby Lucky?


By Lucky, we don’t mean blessed with charm or able to pick a winning ticket, we mean actually name your child Lucky!  It might not be top of your list, but three sets of parents in 2013 did chose to name their child just that.

The Office for National Statistics has recently released the data citing the most popular names in England and Wales for the year 2013.  Topping the list overall are Oliver and Amelia, by far the most used monikers for babies nationwide.

Top Ten

Whilst the top ten for both boys and girls might not surprise you, perhaps a few of the statistics the ONS released about how names can be highly influenced by celebrities and the media will.

It seems that when it comes to choosing a name, some people do like to look towards the stars for a little influence and help in deciding. For example, the Royal Family have been extremely popular in recent years since Prince William married The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, even more so when they had little Prince George.  In fact, in 2013 the were 5,888 babies given the name Harry, 4,268 called William and 4,202 called George!

Of course influence can come from many facets of society, such as celebrities, take the Beckhams.

Courtesy of ONS

Courtesy of ONS

The names chosen by Mr and Mrs Beckham appear to be extremely popular.  When they first had Brooklyn there was a surge in place names being given to children.  Is it the fact that the Beckhams have called their children these names or that people love the names in general?  It is doubtful we will ever know the answer.  Harper is a wonderful name and very contemporary, so it is no surprise that her name has outperformed those of her brothers.

Besides celebrities we are surrounded by entertainment media and it is hard not to fall in love with names when we find such a strong connection to lovable characters on screen or in a book.

Courtesy of ONS

Courtesy of ONS

We already know that Harry is a popular name, Prince Harry and Harry Potter are just two of the reasons why this could be.  However the characters from Harry Potter have found their way to the hearts of parents, even the not so nice wizards! Books are very influential though and being submerged into a world of possibilities can have a great impact on you and how you interact with the world afterwards, so would you pick the name of your child based on your love of a book?  What about film or TV shows?

Courtesy of ONS

Courtesy of ONS

We couldn’t talk about names without considering the ever popular Game Of Thrones.  Renowned for his merciless approach to the demise of much loved characters, Gerorge R.R. Martin has created a world that is not just immersive and creative, but that is full of wonderful and unusual names!  We love the names Sansa, Arya, Daenerys, Eddard and more, but would we name our children after these famed and most likely doomed titans of page and screen?  It seems that at least Theon and Tyrion are becoming more popular with 11 and 6 boys (respectively), being given these names.

Does the attempt to get a unique and unusual name sometimes go a little too far though?  29 girls last year were named Reem, after the popular catchphrase in The Only Way Is Essex.  We aren’t sure this would be our first choice though, how about you?




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