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If you love the colour of your hair and it is dyed, the joy of that vibrant and beautiful colour can be short-lived as the weeks go by and you watch the colour start to fade.  There s nothing worse than the loss of that radiance that comes from a freshly dyed head of hair.

Help is at hand!

Whether you dye your hair black, brown, red, purple or blonde, Color WOW is the perfect product to keep those locks burning bright with the shade of your choice.  Formulated to prolong the life of your colour and to keep it healthy, Color WOW Shampoo and Conditioners work to protect and enhance the hair and the colour.

Colour Security Shampoo for All Colour-Treated Hair 250mlColor WOW Color Security Shampoo

Normal shampoos tend to make the cuticle of each hair open which dehydrates and fades colour, but Color WOW employs a technology called LCD, or Low Charge Density, Technology.  This LCD Technology keeps the cuticle tight and therefore reduces the damages that is caused by other shampoos.  

The shampoos also contain a Japanese amino-fortified complex.  This will moisturise, brighten and condition the hair, reducing breakage. 

Colour Security Conditioner for Normal to Thick Colour Treated Hair 250mlColor WOW Color Security Conditioner

Color Security Conditioner by Color Wow has a number of levels of protection for your hair.  Aquamino Emulsion Technology is very special.  It works to give the hair back its healthy, supple appearance that it once owned, much like virgin hair.  It does not leave the hair heavy or limp in any way.

Sealicon is a new technology for hair that provides a thin layer of protection, a veil that shields the hair from damage, prolonging colour and leaving the hair with a beautiful sheen without leaving residue on the hair.

Effective and exciting, these new shampoos and conditioners with give you supple, healthy looking hair, a new-found bounce.  It wont even darken, or distort your hair if it is blonde.  

Available from Color Wow from just £9.00



Please note that Color Wow is an American company, hence the spelling differences of the word colour throughout this article.

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