WWE 2K17 – E3 Reveal Thoughts


WWE revealed 3 of their soon to be massive roster for its latest 2K game.  Here are our thoughts –


About the Reveal

“Throughout E3 2016, 2K partnered with WWE portrait artist Rob Schamberger to reveal the three roster additions at the Company’s South Hall booth by painting them on a sizable canvas in a live setting. E3 attendees checked in throughout the show, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to see if their favorite WWE Superstars and Legends officially joined what’s expected to be a substantial WWE 2K17 playable roster.”  -from the press release.

Hats off to them to be different and to try to stand out from the crowd more.  We believe this is the first time that tackled a roster reveal (or at least the start of it) in this way.  It maybe down to not having footage ready but we love the picture – especially Sasha as the front character.




Sasha Banks

The 3 picked stars only the choice of woman superstar (we nearly said “diva”) was a surprise really considering how much TV time she has had in the past few months.   Sasha Banks is a terrific character and we hope that means she will get her time in the light of WWE TV or even more work on the Network. 


John Cena

John Cena is a must release for the kids and its become an expectation for us older fans to see him get trotted out in the initial information release.  As we have said in the past – the character John Cena is getting a reaction so we are not surprised about his success. 


The Ultimate Warrior

They seemingly have stuck to a legend, male superstar and a woman superstar – so the legend of “The Ultimate Warrior” is the first legend out of the gate.  From a legends perspective it will be interesting to see what Hulk Hogan role will be in it.  Given his Gawker Trial, is his chances to get into WWE stuff again going to happen.


Things to Look out for

Brand Split  –  We hope to see them tackle the game and take it to that next level.  We are hoping they were talking about splitting rosters for the brand split on TV with the game people. 

They need to bring back the GM Mode because of this – echoing back to previous WWE games.  Managing your roster as the GM and not just a “Universe Mode” will add extra emphasis on each man/ woman on the roster.  Fans will have to pick low card superstars to fill up the numbers and will get more eyes to those superstars.  If you don’t know what we mean about GM Mode – look it up, as it will peak your interest greatly.  (We even got into Total Extreme Wrestling – A Wrestling Manager Game because of it)

 More Roster –  With the upcoming Brand split, the game’s roster will need to make that same impact. We hope that it does not feel dated like it has done some years.  Due to game development and superstars updating themselves constantly – some superstars in game will not match their in-ring version.

In reality, they are likely to add a lot to each brand’s roster so can the game keep up?



Hats off to them – we could rattle off what we want to see – but for now.  Great reveal to set the ball rolling – just make sure it does not roll off a cliff….



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