WWE 2K17 – Who’s Next!! Goldberg…


WWE 2K release info on their latest game pre-order bonus.



Goldberg has been revealed as the pre-order bonus character for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.  WWE 2K17 hitting stores in the Fall Season and having a big pre-order bonus character like Goldberg is a big bonus.



The big WWE and WCW Wrestler who played NFL now hits the virtual realms again.  Two versions of his character will be available for the pre-order bonus. His WWE and WCW personas will feature the changes in his look with two of the main arenas he battled in also available.  WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.


Our Thoughts

Goldberg was one of the big names of our time watching wrestling – we loved his character and his animalistic nature of it.  Having heard the stories of the past it be good to bring him up-to date with the roster of now.  Making him break the wrestlers of today will be an aim.

Having seen and played the latest versions and seen where this is going so far – Hope there is mountains of more info to come from this franchise before release.



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2K Website – Click Here

WWE Website – Click Here

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