WWE Hell In the Cell Review


Kickoff Show

Mark Henry Vs Bo Dallas

Bo has beaten Mark 4 times and he started quoting it as he is the “New World Strongest Man”. Mark attacks straight away at the bell, World’s Strongest Slam and a win for Mark Henry.

0:35 Mark Henry Wins.

Bo – “You cheated and cheaters never win”. – Henry proceeds to throw him into the barricade.



PPV Time

Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro – Best of 3 Falls Match. – Intercontinental Title Match.

Ziggler manages to roll-through a cover attempt by Cesaro for a pin of his own. – 3.35 First Fall Ziggler.

They battled to and fro. Cesaro with powerbombs and an Superplex on the second rope led to great crowd reactions. A near fall by Ziggler with the Fameasser.

Then the final moments, a few missed finishers and a combination to a Zig Zag.

Ziggler with the win – 12:25. Two falls to none.

Will WWE now do something with Ziggler now? – Poor Cesaro.





Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella – The loser will become the other’s servant for a month.

Sister vs Sister, Brie was in full Daniel Bryan Mode with the yes chants all the way to the ring.

Nikki held first offensive period and got to a two count. Brie hit one running knee, then Nikki got out the ring before the second. Nikki hit the Rack Attack finisher, but Brie kicked out. Brie then got the Yes Lock but Nikki got to the ropes.

Nikki won after a punch and a second Rack Attack. – 6.25.



Goldust and Stardust vs The Uso Brothers – Tag Team Title Match.


Stardust seems to have adjusted his colours to his outfit. A bit more blue.

Usos had the control early on over Stardust. Control diverted over the time and Goldust took control at 7 mins. Then the finish. Usos with Stereo Superplexes – Stardust kicked at Jey’s Leg leading to Goldust taking avantage and the win.

Goldust and Stardust with the win. – 10.20



John Cena Vs Randy Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match.

A chair was in play early on. Both men tried to use it. Allot of to and “fro”ing over control. Later moved on to a crotched Cena on the ring post – Leading to a table being introduced.

An RKO led to a near fall at 15.00. Orton managed to get Cena through the table for a another near fall.

Cena started the fight back at 20.00. An Attitude Adjustment through a second table led to the win for Cena.

Cena with the win – 26.25.



Sheamus vs The Miz – US Championship Match.

Sheamus went for the quick finish but missed. Sheamus had control until Mizdow distracted him but a miscommunication led to a Miz clothesline to Mizdow.

Sheamus controlled most of the match and got the victory at 8.30.



Rusev (w/Lana) Vs Big Show

Lana asked for the Russian national anthem but Big Show’s music played instead. That set the tone for the match.

Rusev worked over Show’s leg to start off with. A Rusev dropkick and primal scream led to boos from the crowd. Show reversed a finisher attempt into a leglock.

Mark Henry came down to ringside late on. A Show Chokeslam at 6 min led to the closing mins of the match.

Henry kicked off the apron and a submission victory for Rusev at 7.25.


AJ vs Paige(w/Alicia Fox) – Divas Title Match.

AJ controlled the early offense but had to deal with Fox early on. Not much we haven’t seen before and a win for AJ soon followed.

AJ win – 6.55.


Character Development - Great to watch

Character Development – Great to watch

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell Match.

Ambrose’s set the tone when he brought a kendo stick to the ring with him. Then getting plenty of stuff from under the ring straight away. Ambrose then proceeded to climb the cage. All this had happened before Rollins entrance.

Rollins came out with stooges Mercury and Noble. An early offensive on top of the cage with all 4 men was interesting to see.
Both men were at the halfway point of climbing down and both managed to fall through different announce tables. Rollins got put on a stretcher and was being wheeled out when Ambrose attacked him and got him in the cage.

Then the bell rang to start the match.

Lots of Ambrose revenge against Rollins. Chair shots, head grating against the cage, etc.

Kane showed up out of no where and set a fire extinguisher off in Ambrose’s face. Rollins then had control and did his damage to Ambrose.

Ambrose in the final minutes set up a curb stomp on some bricks of his own. Then the lights went out.

Bray Wyatt’s lantern was in the middle of the ring. – A hole in the ring and smoke appeared out of it. Bray came out of the hole and attacked Ambrose.

Rollins got the pin and Wyatt attacked Ambrose again.

Rollins with the win – 14.00


A better PPV than the last one. A few miss-steps but a good overall PPV.

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