WWE Night of Champions – PPV Results


Time for the “Night After” review of WWE Night of Champions.  Title changes and a night of action, all needed but was it good.

Nice touches included past champion pictures with the title matches. It shows they are aiming to add alot more into this in future years.


Tag Titles – Usos vs Gold and Stardust

The battle of the new war paint. Goldust showed up with a new face but with it a “darker” image, with this odd pairing it gives a new start for the division.

The near falls with Stardust hitting “Dark Matter” led to a great finish.

Goldust and Stardust – Win

The tag division has a lot of work to do, with the new “heel” champions  leading  there is with only one real “babyface” team chasing. So honestly, the division needs a bigger a better spark. New teams in Nxt need to start to be brought in to stack the division to not leave this stagnant nature.


Likely to begin the chase the reclaim their titles.

US Title – Sheamus Vs Cesaro

The one more people want to see. The expectation leading in was a brawl but it ended being a technical match. It was good but it took it out a bit.

Sheamus – Brogue Kick and Win.

Whats next for them both –

Sheamus needs a fresh challenger – with Rusev it could take it a different way. Take Rusev and bring all you can out of him.

Cesaro – Heyman aspect could lead to a Lesnar vs Cesaro. – But the pull of that match may not be the pull.

Intercontinental Title – Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz

A match of stupid sidekicks. Sandow’s character is funny but is not needed. It gives Miz a new element but it is too like when Charlie Haas built that same try something else each week.  It builds Miz – It ruins Sandow.

The Miz – Grabbed the Tights for the Pinfall – Miz wins.

Why 5 People on commentary – WHY?


Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins wins via Countout.

The evil aspect of Rollins is clearly developing. Having the referee count out Reigns who was still expected on the card for the event 24 hours previously.

Dean Ambrose back after his break (filming a movie), comes in to “Stone Cold” levels of amped up action.

Likely lead up – Rollins vs Ambrose – Hell in the Cell.


Mark Henry Vs Rusev

US Vs Russia. – Rusev build expected.  Rusev – is bland, the match was better than the usual but it was just bland.

Rusev Wins via submission.

Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton

Another match that just felt filler. Jericho should really be ending with Bray Wyatt but Orton needs a play mate. This was a good match but the build was rushed and felt so filler.

Orton wins via pinfall


Divas Title – Paige Vs Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee

Apart from the obvious filler in Nikki Bella, two good “diva” wrestlers.  A face and two heels, so the obvious alliances happened and they played heavily on that to start with.

AJ Wins via pinfall.

A good match that didn’t click that well with the live crowd.


WWE World Heavyweight Title – Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena

A great main event but it ends pop finish with the Rollins spot since he couldn’t really have a match with Reigns as he is out injured now.

The match focused on building Cena up again but not to take it away from Lesnar.

Cena wins via DQ. Lesnar still Champion.

The Rollins aspect of coming in to ruin Cena’s chance but then Cena Ruining Rollins chance gives legs to this feud.  Not knowing where this feud is going is going to be fun.



What’s next for Cena?



A PPV that was action filled but felt filler with elements of the show. Good quality wrestling but No real blockbuster matches and filler matches that mean little.  Hopefully the builds work better to the next few PPVs – Hell in the Cell coming up.


Heres Hoping.

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