X-Morph: Defense – PC Review – From 2017


Bullet hell top down shooter combines with a tower defence game in X-Morpth: Defense. Keep your harvester core alive and invade Earth. Intrigued? Read on….


Tower defence never looks so good. You are the alien/mech invaders on earth and you lead the defence of the harvester cores thrown to Earth to defeat it. Use destructive weapons or lead you enemies into a maze of different towers.


Tower defence at its easiest form. Level by level, they take it up a notch and make you have to build more and more refined in its design.

Best way to describe it is to show you a imaginary example –
Imagine a level, 3 by 3 box with your harvester core in the bottom left. Did you build the maze of towers to get them all going down one route (check), are you shooting enemies as you go (check), harvesting their corpses for resources (check), did you forget anything (yep!).
Two waves in the map changes and it expands. It’s now 6 by 6 box and you are in the middle at the bottom. The waves now come from the two directions and a fresh setup of towers is needed. That changeup in the middle of the level – cranks up our score greatly. Tower Defences need to remain fresh where possible. It does get allot harder and chaotic, the further you get in the game.



It carried nostalgic feelings of C&C Red Alert Series, that kept me going a while. Love the concept of mechs vs humans, it just lacked something that would up it a level or two in quality. If you like to churn through enemies and feel some achievement – this is actually the game for you.
4/5 – Would just need them to tweak bits and pieces to just make it feel bigger. Achieved so much in a understated gem of a genre. One of the best tower defences you see.

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