YT Update – January 2016



This is a update for all of those who love Entertainment content and wish to explore more of the video side of things. We have a YouTube – Erisea Mag.

At the moment,  we have to admit we have filled it with interesting gameplay and lacking other variety. However we are hitting the ground running with what we can get a hold of.



Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay. We hit hard on developing our gameplay footage to best show off a variety of games.  Last week we concluded a few series and continued one to a hopeful great ending next week.

Highrise Heroes

A puzzler game that got us playing a long time with us enjoying the randomness of the storyline.


Super Mega Fight

A Action fighter with thoughts of an era gone bye. Lots of hidden easter eggs seen.


Franchise Hockey Manager 2

A manager game for those who love databases. We tasked ourselves with running a play through January to see how far we could take a random NHL Team. We took the San Jose Sharks to the brink with all our re-building trades, but at the time of writing this we sit at a nearing 50% win ratio. (Which is great for Ice Hockey Teams in the NHL). Edging ever closer to the playoffs – we aim to get as far as we can.



Lots have been planned including tie-in themed days with the site and our YT running themed content. 


Hope you can come subscribe and see what we are doing and developing to better show off the fun side of entertainment.

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