Holidays…we all love them, but where is a good destination that is warm, friendly and perfect for people of all ages?

The Greek Island of Zante.

Zakynthos, meaning Island of the flowers, is the name the Italians gave it as they said that they could smell the island before they saw it, due to the beautiful scent of the flowers that grow all over the lush island.

The warm shallow waters of the Ionian Sea make this place the ideal choice for those with children. The Greek people are some of the most welcoming people you are likely to meet and the island is made up of many lovely villages such as Alykanas, Alykes and Tsilivi to visit.


We all love to take day excursions and see as much as we can while holidaying abroad. Some of the trips you can take whilst in Zante are fantastic, here are a few of our favourites:

The Shipwreck

The iconic picture that always pops up when you search Zante online, this is a trip not to be missed.  Smugglers Cove, also known as The Shipwreck, is a secluded cove with the most beautiful turquoise waters. On the beach lays the old wreck of a cargo ship that was washed up years ago, which has now become a point of interest for inhabitants and visitors alike, it is part of the island.

The Turtles

This trip takes you to Laganas Bay where you can see turtles in their natural environment.  This is a breeding ground for the turtles, where they are protected.  Your journey will also take you to the very pretty Keri Caves where you can stop and have a swim in the crystal clear waters, perfect!

Trainaki Tour

This is a popular one! You venture out on a train that takes you up through the hills where you pass vine yards and olive groves. Visiting a local museum crammed full of pieces that cover the history of the Greeks.  Furthermore you visit a lovely taverna where you receive a free glass of ‘spyros‘  which is their very own wine! This proprietor has honey, wine and olives (yes I know he sounds pretty good!) You can buy his local produce at very cheap prices.


The whole island is littered with tavernas, restaurants and bars all of which are family friendly. Lamb Kleftico and the famous Gyros are dishes not to be missed. The local beer is Mythos and it goes down perfectly after a lovely day strolling round the local shops.

You can be assured this Island is a gem and once you visit with your family, you will fall in love.

So, as the Greeks say, Yammas!

Photo by heatheronhertravels

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