Zed The Zombie – Unrest In Pieces


Being a zombie is hard, there is a terrible risk, at any hour, for pieces of your body to spontaneously detach themselves and fall to the ground, looking sad, discarded and well, kind of disgusting.  Not to mention the loss of vocabulary, your sudden penchant for human flesh and general mobility problems.  The limb loss is definitely the issue that most zombies find difficult to reconcile themselves with.

We asked 100 Zombies what the hardest (1) As you can see from our survey we took from local zombies, they most fear the losing a limb and whilst there is no cure for zombification they will continue to be afraid of this happening to them.

One zombie however, with an unusual ability to actually think, (maybe the next stage of evolution for our yucky friends), has a tremendous sense of humour and decided to put all of his fears into something more positive to raise awareness of the condition known colloquially as ‘ZomPieces’.

It is no secret that the ‘ZomPieces’ condition is a race against the clock, inevitable.  It may take a zombie years to lose the first piece, but once they do there is no stopping the deterioration.  So, Zed the Zombie took steps to create a comical and light hearted game.

The aptly named Zed the Zombie game mimics the biggest problem facing our life challenged friends, ‘Zed is falling apart…literally’.  The fun game consists of a caricature of Zed himself, who is presented on a plinth of sorts, but no ordinary one, it turns and has a timer.  Zed however is already in pieces, 13 to be precise and the aim of the game is to put him back together before the timer runs out and Zed again finds himself scattered on the floor below him.

Zed the Zombie actionIt seems simple enough right?  Wrong, like zombies themselves, Zed is constantly moving, in this case rotating.  His pieces are also a challenge to reattach, you have to get them in the right spot and some of them need extra bits attached on top of those, you need a steady had and nerves of steel, (the nerves of steel are just an added bonus really, this Zed wont bite)!  Then there is the timer, ticking away, just like the timer zombies in our society face everyday.

If you manage to put Zed back together before the time runs out and Zed’s luck with it, you need to stop the countdown and then you can admire the handsome fellow you helped piece together.  Then the real fun begins as you see whether or not your friends and family can beat your time!

We decided that to help raise awareness of this great cause, (because Zombies are kind of people too), that we would put one of the magazine’s friends, Matt, to the test.  Could he help put Zed back together again, was his fate to be more of a success than Humpty Dumpty?  Only time could tell.

zed 3

Unfortunately, although Matt is a larger than life tattooed manly man, it took him so long to get Zed back in one piece, that he turned into a Zombie himself.  Fear not though, we now have him safely locked away in the Erisea HQ basement and all we can do is hope that he wont unrest in pieces.

Zed The Zombie is available from all good toy stores at a RRP of £19.99.



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