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Zena Kitt is a unusual music artist based in London. We have recently got chance to talk to about her work, her life and the weird images on her album.

How would you describe yourself and your music to our audience?

My music is probably best described as …. Emotive Electronica, . I write music that makes me feel something, anything.. haha.

Yep, it does twang on our emotions and emotive writing underneath it is understandable.

What are the inspirations for your latest work ?

The usual stuff that life throws at everyone- love, heartbreak, sensuality, the hows & the whys.

Your latest Single – “Requiem” – it was a very interesting listen.  What does the song mean to you?

It came about jamming with some talented producers in their studio one late night drinking tea.. I always just jam with a mic & guitar, while the producer plays with ideas and when a good idea comes you grab it

Ah, the tea and jam method.

 The imagery around the single Requiem is very different. I speak in particular to the image of two blue people arrowed through the heart. What does the images mean to you? 

The artwork is by an amazingly talented young artist based in Cairo, Egypt called Keizer who’s like a middle eastern banksy. When I was there last I fell in love with his work seen on some of the walls in the city and asked him to contribute. HIs work is political with a strong theme of love i guess, a lot of his stuff is powerful but when i saw this image it just painted a picture of the song perfectly to me.

requiem cover

It looks great – it’s just weird to see.  Now let’s talk more about you. What helps you relax you on the end of a long day – and why?

My record player and my records.. at the moment cant stop listening to classic 70s albums, Kate bush & Fleetwood Mac mainly. Helps to switch off especially if you lie with your head in between the speakers….;-) helps if you have a glass of wine and a good cheese too…..ha

Everyone needs to relax and cannot beat a good tune in your head and falling asleep.  What are the essentials that you take on tour with you?

Haribo & water & my notebook

What has been your favourite – Live Performances or Music Video shoots and why?

The video shoot to my song Gun was so much fun- shot in a gorgeous 8 storey house in Brighton where they filmed some of the movie ‘End of the Affair’.

Good, something different is a video shoot – sometimes the art of dressing as yourself or dressing as a different person. Every video will tell a different story and will take you on a different journey.

What is the last book you have read and why did you like it?

Actually I’m a comic geek & that’s taken over my book reading, but i did recently read ‘Stardust by Neil Gaiman’, he is known for his comics mainly, but in this book his imagination is wonderful.   I love any Murakami too.

Good to hear. They are good authors with imaginative stories. Good luck in your music – it sounds great and will look forward to keeping an eye on your future work.


For more information on Zena click here.

Her current tracks are on Soundcloud and produced by Gendry.

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