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A sports sensor to help develop your Golf Game…. Read on.

Thanks to Zepp we got a chance to try out their Golf Sensor.  It initially felt weird and it was interesting seeing what outcome it brought to our golf game.


Golf Sensor



How the App works

The App measures the most important aspects of a golf swing, then analyses and teaches to perfect it.

We found it interesting cause it gave me that instant feedback to correcct a few niggling mistakes. It provides instant info on club position and bio-mechanics.


Swing Analysis



Personalised Reports

 Taking at least 30 swings a week and the app crunches 90,000 data points and delivers a detailed report on what we are doing best, what parts of the swing to focus on. Then served us up some tips and drills to power more improvement.

It helped build a better swing quicker for us compared to the average weekend trip to the range.


About Zepp

Zepp, a sports technology leader, is dedicated to providing actionable data to athletes for continuous improvement. Now with their latest free app update, golfers across all levels will have access to Zepp Insights, which provide a smarter, more personalised training experience. Each week, the Zepp tech will analyse every swing a user takes to deliver a customised report straight to the Zepp app. Reports will recommend drills to help users focus on individual areas for improvement.




Overall thoughts

 A good item worth the pickup. It makes the journey to the range different when asking you to do different drills to improve aspects of the swing.

Glad to see it addresses multiple sports, the golf sensor is great and was useful.



More info on Zepp

Zepp Continue to strive to help build the most expansive multi-sport training platform. The Zepp apps provide video analysis, 3D analysis, and performance data from the Zepp sensor.  The apps also feature swing and video data of the Zepp Pros —including PGA Tour Pro Keegan Bradley.
Zepp 2.2 is available now on the AppStore and Google Play. The Zepp multi-sport sensor is available at Apple, Argos, Curry’s/PC World, Amazon, American Golf and zepp.com £129.99.

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