Salad Zinger Courtesy of Zing AnythingZing-a-rific might not be a real word, but we think it should be at Erisea HQ.  The Salad Zinger is a clever gadget that will make your salads this summer really pop and rather than just be a side dish, they will take centre stage and demand to be called a main course! 

The Salad Zinger is amazingly versatile and immediately transforms the way salads can be eaten.  Every salad can be tastier now with the addition of fresh fruit and even vegetables, herbs and oils.  It allows you to let your imagination run wild to create oils, dressings and vinaigrette that have endless possibilities and extraordinary flavour combination opportunities.

We have found some delicious recipes from the people at Zing Anything, all of which you can find here, but we wanted to share one with you now!

Citrus Medley Vinaigrette – Serve over grilled salmon, arugula juicy oranges and thin sliced red onions.
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  1. Grapefruit (3 peeled wedges)
  2. Oranges (3 peeled wedges)
  3. Lime Juice (from 1 small thin slice)
  4. Lemon Juice (1 and 1/2 tbsp)
  5. White Balsamic (4 tbsp)
  6. Olive Oil (8 tbsp)
  7. Grated Romano Cheese (2 tbsp)
  8. 2 Peppercorns
  9. Salt (to taste)
  1. Add the fruits, cheese and salt to the bottom on the Zinger - the grinder.
  2. Add the oil and Basamic to the top half - cruet- of the Zinger.
  3. Shake and pour.
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The Salad Zinger is available from J D Harris for £24.99 (currently on sale for just £16.99)

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