Zombie Derby 2 – PC Game Review


Want to play a game where it takes elements of “Trials” and throws cars and zombies into the mix. Interested?  Read on….


“Discover the dangerous post-apocalyptic world with cool upgradable cars!” – Steam Description. 

You travel across the desert, cities, hills and other vast areas. By taking your cars and upgrading them to take on increasingly hard levels. Upgrades are for your petrol/gas tank, wheels, gun for the zombies, size of your booster and a front ram.  


Tackling the early levels, you will be taking old cars and upgrading them in a variety of different “set” ways.  It feels too much like a mobile game at this point, similar to other titles that want you to move further across the level. 

Each car will only have certain upgrades. I wanted to see more variability in how you can design the cars. Picking what gun you want, rather than getting a set gun for a set vehicle. 


Car ready, time to tackle the levels. They are actually quite hard later on, and kept me playing.  The game takes you through an easy set of tutorials to learn what you need to do – then ramps it up a notch in difficulty. 

The difficulty upgrade and the small tank of resources means –  you have to time when you use anything to progress was an interesting mechanism. 



I liked it too a point, I liked “Trials” type games but it was overall a game lacking in variety and the lackluster campaign mode does not add anything to it other than cool cars.  It feels too much of a conversion of a mobile game, with the staggering of the car unlocks and the lack of bigger controls on the levels.

Scores 3/5. 


Steam Link – Click Here


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