As the resident Zombie fanatic at Erisea HQ, it is easy to get excited about anything related to the walking dead and getting our hands on ZOMBIEWORLD was no different.  

It promised to be an apocalyptic anthology of stories about the undead.  Taking a unique angle by transporting the viewer back to biblical times, to the very beginning of the rise of the living dead and watch as it takes hold of the planet, when devourers of the flesh move from continent to continent.

With ‘How To Survive a Zombie Attack’ and ‘Government Health Warnings’ the DVD seemed set to join Dawn of The Dead, The Walking Dead and even Night of the Living Dead in the Zombie Hall of Fame.  The anticipation of Image Entertainment’s lure of ‘ultra violence, gallons of gore and heaps of bloody fun’ had us drooling and mumbling incoherently much like the movies subject matter.

5256However, this is a movie that needs to be approached with a different frame of mind, because whilst it is a zombie centric film, it is produced in the most basic and absurd form of slapstick you can imagine.  The ultra violence and gore promised is  certainly part of this crazy film, but it is goofy, over the top buckets of blood.  Even the manner in which the zombies are killed is comedic, with skeletons being ripped from undead who have met their demise, again and wielded as swords.

The comedy value, for us was limited, feeling like a poor man’s Monty Python that was trying too hard to be funny and just became a little ridiculous.  Of course that is for a hardcore Zombie fanatic that like serious gore and a plots.  If you want to sit down with some friends and a few drinks, like low-budget films and generally just have a laugh, then this could definitely be the film for you.

 ZOMBIEWORLD is released on DVD on 8 June 2015 courtesy of Image Entertainment.

2 out of 5

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