We love games that aim to be creatively different and Nimbatus hit our inbox and it brought good feelings out. Its aiming to be different and niche – and we do not see that as often anymore.


What is it?

Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor is an simulation game about space exploration, science and creativity. Plays can craft their drone out of different parts and explore a destructible, procedurally generated galaxy. Drones can be controlled by players or be autonomous. AI Drones can fight other players creations and compete on leaderboards.

May sound like a mouthful but was the easiest way to describe it. Create a drone, explore and destroy.   Think “Kerbal Space Program” for Space Drones in a realtime FTL Style environment. Dont believe me – Heres the trailer – Click Here. 


Where It Came From?

“After successfully completing a Kickstarter in December 2017, Stray Fawn Studio developed Nimbatus together with its supporters and fans, recently winning the ‘Tencent Game Innovation‘ and a  ‘GDC Best in Play‘ award.”


Quick Thoughts

We cannot wait, when games come to our review pile. It can be a “do I have to” process at times – We work for free so when intriguing entities such as this comes out. We love it.



For More Info  –

Their Site – Click Here.

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