Quick Thoughts – Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

We love games that aim to be creatively different and Nimbatus hit our inbox and it brought good feelings out. Its aiming to be different and niche – and we do not see that as often anymore.


What is it?

Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor is an simulation game about space exploration, science and creativity. Plays can craft their drone out of different parts and explore a destructible, procedurally generated galaxy. Drones can be controlled by players or be autonomous. AI Drones can fight other players creations and compete on leaderboards.

May sound like a mouthful but was the easiest way to describe it. Create a drone, explore and destroy.   Think “Kerbal Space Program” for Space Drones in a realtime FTL Style environment. Dont believe me – Heres the trailer – Click Here. 


Where It Came From?

“After successfully completing a Kickstarter in December 2017, Stray Fawn Studio developed Nimbatus together with its supporters and fans, recently winning the ‘Tencent Game Innovation‘ and a  ‘GDC Best in Play‘ award.”


Quick Thoughts

We cannot wait, when games come to our review pile. It can be a “do I have to” process at times – We work for free so when intriguing entities such as this comes out. We love it.



For More Info  –

Their Site – Click Here.