A song to get you through the day. We always aim to talk about something different and unique. Enter Sparkling, a Danish two-piece band who build a very alternative sound in a deep way.


The Song – Say Goodbye to the Ragged Tiger

From an opening electronic bass hook, it does what it says – hooks you in. Moving then on to a epicly wavey chorus to a traditionally new wave ending.

Its all about building that foundation in electronic music and making it shine throughout the song.  Its not about being a certain type of tight electronic music developed by machines, they play it by hand or get it re-amped in the studio to create a deep sound.

 As the press release told us, “It’s a song about letting go of old demons – and most of all a song about the knots and beauty of life,” and this song is a beauty.


Originally formed in 2002, Carsten Mørch-Bentzen (vox) and Jens Christian Madsen (synths) are at its core.  They do focus on their own  work but bring others in to build on their sound.   For Say Goodbye to the Ragged Tiger are guitarist Oliver Hoiness (Skammens Vogn, Kira Skov, etc.) and one of the most sought after bass-players in Denmark, Peter Buch.

There is more musicians hidden within the album, but that would ruin the surprise.

Our Thoughts

I didnt focus on the lyrics on initial listen to the song, but found myself drifting with the sound in general. Had to re-listen to it and found deep lyrics hidden in a deep song.  Cannot wait for the album in 2019.


For More Info

Instagram: @sparklingtheband


Sparkling – Say Goodbye to the Ragged Tiger is out now on all digital platforms!!! 

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