A relook at items of our past, focusing on the good and the bad.  To show where we have been and where we are going.

We look back at Fort Meow. A weird fort building game where you build a fort to protect a kid’s allergies.


About the Game

“Fort Meow is a pillow fort physics-based puzzle adventure involving cats, destruction and a dusty old manor. Build a protective fort out of furniture to keep the cats at bay, while deciphering the mysterious tales hidden within the journal.” – Steam Description.

It was so weird opening up the game, not knowing what to expect – but this game hit is for six (in a good way). Its a game where you will be building a fort and following a ridiculous story.

Best way to think of this game is reverse Angry Birds.



The game breaks down into three main parts, build, the cats’ attack and explore the house.

When you build, its all about designing your fort in the right way. You build it with the level in mind. Different level means different types of cats get flung at you. Further you go, more variety will happen.

When the cats’ attack, they will be flung in like angry birds but with set patterns. Cats will hit the side and some will float over the top. In reality, a chair wont be destroyed by flinging cats at it – but in this it will after a few attacks. So learning what works where is key.

 Exploring the house is done between levels. You earn xp (battery power) from completing levels and even losing levels – meaning there is constant progression. So to add variety you can move more and more stuff from the rooms – to build that bigger fort at the top of the house.

Overall Thoughts

 It sparked an interest an kept me hooked for a good few hours in one sitting. I came back to it multiple times and found myself hooked.

At the current price at time of writing – its a must. Good short gameplay meaning you can come back and play multiple times and get that same joy as the original Angry Birds came out. Its different and I loved it.


For More Info

Steam Page – Click here

Developer – Upper Class Walrus

Publisher – Upper Class Walrus

Released –25 June, 2015

Time of Writing Price – £5.79