The current name of our series of posts to throw a few curveballs to your ears. A few tracks to get you thinking and to get you moving. A few quick pieces to get you going – links attached.

This time, two laidback songs to get you nice and chilled out.


HunBjørn – Who Are We To Love

HunBjørn is a relatively new act on the Danish Indie and Electro Pop Scene. She aims to catch you in her magical universe with both a raw and vulnerable tone to her voice.  Expect catchy melodies, dreamy synths and some tight bass and beats.

First Listen Thoughts – Spiritual in a way. Its pace is slow but it has a cosmic feel to it.  Soulful and spiritual – one to relax too.

The Visuals of the video are unique and different with a golden paint cover over a mostly naked singer.  Reading up on why she did it (after I listened), she uses her pregnant body marred by black oil shows how we treat the earth and what our children are born into.


Link –


Kristina Bazan – The Devil (Acoustic Version)

Kristina Bazan is a 24 year old multi-faced talent from Belarus. Currently living between USA, Switzerland and France she has become a face of L’Oreal Paris and was one of the most influential 30 under 30 personalities of 2016.

Last year she started focusing on her music career and released her debut EP “EPHV1” in 2018 to good acclaim. Now she pushes her debut Album “Honey and Venom” to show off her influences in disco and glam rock.

First Listen Thoughts – The acoustic version feels so like it should be in a church or something like this. It has a country soul or a laid back ballad – its hard to pin point. Another relaxing soulful song to just chill too.


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