We got the chance to play the recent hit No Time To Relax, a digital board game where you take a journey through life. Still in early access with a recent fix of version  We see how we go in life.

About the Game

“No Time to Relax is a life simulation game where up to 4 players online or locally compete against each other in the ultimate game of life.” – Steam Description

The best way to describe it – is life from teenager kicked out of home, to fend for themselves to set for life.  Build yourself from the bottom and work your way to the top.



Start life with $200 dollars in your pocket and a life to lead. Time is finite in a turn on the board. Do you –

  • Education – Go to school and get a bigger paying job later in life
  • Job Centre – Apply for a job
  • Market – Get your groceries in
  • Mall/Applicance store – Upgrade yourself and your apartment
  • Home – Relax you have done everything
  • Much More – Other event areas are available


Make sure you keep your character in good form or your next turns will get a penalty.  Forget to eat something – whelp that’s some time gone in your next turn. Less time means less actions – but you still must get everything done.

Game ends once the time limit expires, be it 10,20 or 30 turns. Did you lead a happy, lots of money,  healthy and educated life.  Those are the 4 stats you are measured on. Do well – win the game.


Overall Thoughts

Its got a lot of way to go. It’s a good game for friends, but it needs more to it.  At its price point currently, we would pick it up. It’s a good game to have a versus mode and basically challenge friends to see who can run a life better. However after been playing for a few hours – it felt like we had done everything.

Worth the money – but needs more. Hope people pick it up to bring some sort of DLC – extra maps to the game. Bring this game to a whole new level.

3/5 – A Good start but needs  a bit more time in the game making oven.


For More Info

Steam Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/829660/No_Time_to_Relax/

Developer – Porcelain Fortress

Publisher – Porcelain Fortress

Released – 28 Feb, 2019 – Early Access

Time of Writing Price – £10.99