We looked back in our vaults and see a arcade twist on a world sport. Everybody ready for some no rules soccer!



“Fast-paced football game without a referee on the pitch and with crazy super-powers! It may not look serious, but we guarantee, that it is. Kopanito’s match engine is well-balanced and entirely skill-based.” – Steam Description


Kopanito All-Stars is about the lovely game of soccer but turned up a notch with no rules on the brutal level – whilst having an arcade look to it.



Think of the classic controls of Fifa but stripped back to the basic levels. 6 on 6 matches with very quick games.

Playing it is easy but mastering it is hard. Playing all the different competitions and winning it – will take the average player 50 hours or so.


The look of the game is great. Good arcade game.  Love the amount of teams, since no named players I can see why they can do all the countries possible. Some are even locked till you play more of the game.



Good arcade game, good pickup and play ability.  If you are looking for a cheap game with a good bargain price.  Add this to your wishlist.


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Steam Page – Click Here

Developer – Merixgames

Publisher – Merixgames

Released – 16th Nov, 2016

Time of Writing Price –  £4.79

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