Need a simple strategy game to get the blood flowing.  Want to keep your villages alive from waves of enemies? Try Castle Woodwarf 2.


About the Game

“Keep your dragon and city of Woodwarf safe with the help of your dwarven army. Upgrade your home and environment while you fight epic battles underground! Use special abilities and items and overcome waves of enemies.” – Steam Desciption.

This game gives the illusion of a simple strategy game that sets you up defending the city of Woodwarf. You defend your home with the help of your dwarven armies and build a bigger and more defendable home the further and further you go.



The basics of game boils down on what you build and when.  There are two main types of units which can be considered economy and army.

With the economy units you are building your town and keeping it going.  So making sure to have gatherers for farms, lumberjacks for wood and fisherdwarves for fish. So supplies keep come for the army you need.

The army can break down into 3 key units.  A tank (dwarf with a big hammer – melee unit), a archer (ranged) and mage (range also heals).  Go to heavy on tanks you wont be able to deal with ranged enemies well.

Each level offers a different challenge – with different waves of enemies coming you have to make sure to get that right build order.  Decide to focus too heavily on economy you wont have the space to get any of your army units out. Go to heavy on army – and you wont have the income to build more if they die.

In between levels there are upgrades and a gem shop to get some extra materials for the next round of battle.

Overall Thoughts

Pretty simplistic but found the build order aspect hard to grasp at times.  Many a time in the early parts – you hit the limits to quickly.  Having a small population cap means later levels can be near to impossible.


For More Info

Steam Page –

Developer – Domo 2019

Publisher – Sedoc LLC

Released – Planned Release – Summer 2019