Time to look at a weird game.  Imagine listening to the radio and trying to find a specific answer whilst listening to talk radio or even a average channel.  Then interacting with the radio too.  It caught our attention and it held it well.  Read on for more info….


About the Game

“An audio mystery set in a time loop. Record, rewind time and broadcast snippets of radio shows to expose radio hosts, conspiracy theorists and politicians.” – Steam Description.

A game that tasks you with finding the truth about a situation and it has a time loop in it – so if you don’t find the info you get another shot.



The game is all about reading the situation and picking up the clues in the 3-minute time loops.  Make sure to listen to everything and move the conversation along too.

You get targets to hit – in chapter one – its all about finding the right person to ask the question (that you must record), to the find the answer.  It is all about the journey in the level, you will recording lots and then playing back the clips to the radio station disc jockey – they will then respond.


Overall Thoughts

The game aims to be a new kind of narrative game which blurs the lines between the everyday and the fantasy.  Examining our relationship with the mainstream media through the seemingly retro nature of a radio.  It builds and builds to an exciting crescendo that held our attentions throughout. Great voice acting, great ideas.  Hats off to them.


5/5 – Little short but I enjoyed the idea. Price point is value for money to be sure.



For More Info

Steam Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1035050/AltFrequencies/

Developer – Accidental Queens, Arte France

Publisher – Plug In Digital

Released – 16th May, 2019

Time of Writing Price –  £5.79

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