We are probably one of the only people who have not given this a go. So, to end off the year whilst we wait for other things to start, we thought we would give it a go.

Available On Amazon Prime – We review S01E01.

Mild spoilers ahead, we are only looking at the first episode – in case some of you reading this are thinking about giving it a go too.


Episode 1 – Details Enjoyed

Lots of information at the beginning, trying to introduce this reality to us. Saying that “Earth is a Libra” is fricking weird. The introduction of the bitter rivals of Angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Demon Crowley (David Tennant) is quite potent to set the tone.

Crowley is perfectly played as the reluctant bad guy who doesn’t want to be perfectly bad. Following his boss’s orders to conquer the world or lead to its overall destruction. The reluctant bad deeds.

Aziraphale is the nerdy good guy who would not be ideal good guy. Socially awkward and stressed at everything.

So traditional good guy and bad guy roles are flipped. The Nuns helping the Armageddon start is fricking weird. Expect the unexpected with the Antichrist baby.

“We need to Talk”

The reluctant heroes are so polar opposites from mannerisms to how they talk. Not much action, its more a verbal piece so far. Verbal sparring between the two heroes seems to lead the piece.

The dynamics between the evil side and the good side forces are weird. Good wants Aziraphale to fail whilst Evil is been led on to Crowley.

And the naming of the dog is a good conclusion to the chapter. Got to name it something evil? Or do you.


It’s a slow piece. Very British in nature in a good way. It’s all about the conversation sparring. It’s a fricking weird pilot episode in a good way, love the bickering duo of Sheen and Tennant.  It sets out the expectations and then throws it out the window. 5/5 for a Pilot. As long as you can get through the first 5 minutes it will have you hooked.