Hidden Through Time is a point and click game where the goal is to find each of the items throughout time.  Some will be easy to find, but it will take time to find that final hidden treasure – All hidden through time.



So a simple premise of hide and seek, find the objects to  complete the levels. It has a very simple game play with lots of hidden depth.

Find all stuff needed to complete the level, but whilst going through the levels you will see your imagination going wild trying to work out why that person is doing “x” in that environment.  Some even have references that can be niche but makes you laugh.

In its PC Addition, you even have a map editor to create your own little worlds. You also can add levels from other creators from all around the world.


Overall Thoughts

It is a little gem of a game where you can spend a few hours or even just a few minutes just to experience the cartoonist environment.

We could say more about the levels but do not want to spoil the hidden depths it goes to.  good level design, good graphics and good price point.

4/5 rating. 

Currently available on Android, Mac, Switch, Windows, Xbox One and iOS.


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