A series of reviews looking at several things that you might not have seen on Streaming Services. Our Aim is to find the surprises and gems in the pack. Amazon Prime and Netflix will be the focus but expect a few surprises along the way.

Making the Cut – Amazon Prime – S01E01

Next up a taste of reality TV, Making the Cut. Created and presented by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, it echoes back to the hit Project Runway but aims to modernise the trends.
If you do not know Project Runway, it was a fashion designer competition set in New York for a runway show at New York Fashion Week. Now Making the Cut is a group of designers competing in New York, Paris and Tokyo to bring their brands to that next level.  With a million dollars on offer, its worth seeing for how far they take it.

You might of seen 30 seasons of a runway model show but what about the designs that run down the runway.

First Episode Thoughts

The first few changes make this more a design competition than anything. It adds new elements such as visiting the locales to build their look more.

Rather than the American contestants they have contestants from around the world. This demonstrates American made shows such of this are now wanting to hit that worldwide audience, which is great to see. It makes the audience route for a emotional connection and find a contestant to route for.

It builds each of the contestants up with backstories and demonstrates the process with the traditional interviews as they go. With the audience taken through the ups and downs of it from a contestant perspective.

Then the halfway point advice stage by Tim Gunn changes the route they go. We love the feeling of knowing who is going out in a field we know nothing about. Tim hints at the good and the bad but does not offer too much.

Contestants at the top and bottom of the pack are highlighted, usual last minute drama in any contest. The lead up to the show adds the good type of drama, you get worried for the contestants.

Show Time, they set everything up in front of the Eiffel Tower. First the judges. Judges are all big names in fashion in one way or another Joseph Altuzarra, Carine Roitfeld, Nicole Richie and Naomi Campbell.

Then the show, one by one the looks go down and you hear the critique for the first time in the show. The music added to this element of the show.

The ending, building a different conclusion they built more of a talking piece at the end.


After watching episode 1 of the season, its one worth a try if you like reality TV with contestants. For us, It’s a show you can phase in and out of and know what’s happening. Good reality TV, a focus on the person, their product and not too much of a focus on drama.

We loved the music behind what you see. It themed the show terrifically and the overall feel of the show brought me back to the Project Runway TV Show of the past but twisted in a more up to date way.

Disclaimer – We are based in the UK – so it might not be on your streaming service, but this should open some different imaginative ideas to what you should try next.

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