A series of reviews looking at several things that you might not have seen on Streaming Services. Our Aim is to find the surprises and gems in the pack.  Amazon Prime and Netflix will be the focus but expect a few surprises along the way.


The Healer Plot

A young man with finance and life problems, discovers suddenly to have the gift of healing. Whilst trying to understand it and the new reality it offers, a teenage girl with terminal cancer unexpectedly will show him the path to go.

Scene by Scene thoughts (No major spoilers)

It builds the story from the beginning with a catch 22 scenario. Young man with no place to go after getting in debt with the wrong people. Older relative gives him the opportunity with a fresh start and he reluctantly takes it.
The range of lead character Alec Bailey (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is shown well at the start, from his down of luck to not knowing how to take in his new situation.
The scenery change from UK to Nova Scotia, Canada is good for the eyes. The film truly starts when it moved to Canada. Love the twist of comedy and a dark situation. The traditional tropes of a love interest twisted on its head, works great.
Can be a little cringey at times with its choice of edgier humour which are not expected (in a good way). Love the banter between Alec and Cecilia (Camila Luddington), it keeps the movie’s mood on its toes.
It picks up towards the middle act of the movie with yet more trouble surrounding Alec. The middle act is a sort of crisis of faith and pushes the story forward with Father Malloy (Jorge Garcia) playing his part.
Alec begins to find his path with the re-introduction of Raymond (Jonathan Pryce). He still does not believe but Raymond and Cecilia try to push him down the path. Alec however must choose it.
The final act is his decision to help or not. Thus the teenage girl Abigail (Kaitlyn Bernard) arrives into his life. Its leads to a conclusion, we wont spoil.


Good film with good subtle twists of the traditional feel good comedy. It mixes in the light and the dark bits in good chunks, keeping it centred. Each time a new character is introduced or re-introduced; it perks the story up chunks too.
With everything going on, you need a movie to push through the isolation of COVID. It pushes the emotions in the right ways.