A series of reviews looking at several things that you might not have seen on Streaming Services. Our Aim is to find the surprises and gems in the pack.  Amazon Prime and Netflix will be the focus but expect a few surprises along the way.



Next up is a interestingly random show that hit America, Happy.  Happy is a intriguing premise of a adult getting an invisible best friend. Weirdness and wackness occurs and its worth the watch.

Disclaimer – This was a SyFy show in America but this is available on Netflix UK.



Disgraced cop and Hitman Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) uncovers a criminal conspiracy, survives a heart attack and meets Happy, a flying unicorn only visible to him.


Scene by scene thoughts – (No major spoilers)

This is a very vivid show so trying to be vague is quite hard, but we gave it a go.

It starts off extremely weird with Nick Sax dreaming vividly in a bar, us as the audience see it and it is a sight to see.

It sets up the season arc well, whilst it keeps pace with its wackiness with the introduction of some weird characters.  From a kid’s entertainer to a Santa Claus to the traditional mob, it takes some dark wacky direction just in episode one.

The pacing of the show is quick and quirky.  Multiple things happen at once one showing how Nick got to where he got, then giving background on the bad guys who are bound to come to him and finally showing the villain for the invisible friend. Melding the action together.

Already halfway through, Nick is in a jam and some bad guys are dead.  It then rolls to a bigger jam which as a viewer – no idea how he gets out of them in a good way.

Highlight scene must be the introduction of Happy to Nick.

Allegiances are shown with a few dark unexpected twists along the way.  With Hayley, Meredith, Smoothie and Whiskers the scratching dog.

It sets up the ending of the episode with an interrogation of sorts.


Its a great random gem to find, if you love a show with a weird mixture of dark humour and no real boundaries – this will be for you.  2 Seasons currently available on UK Netflix.