Next up a game from 2018. Need to Know is a surveillance game where you play as a low level analyst and work your way up the food chain.


Need to Know

The game is a story about a fictional NSA-Like surveillance agency called “Department of Liberty”. In the game you will be tasked with deeming people either safe or a danger to society.  In the later game it then picks up with the option of either:

  • Standing up to privacy
  • Help create a unstoppable police state.



The focus of the game is on your player’s day to day life entering a secret government society and moving further into the grey area of life.

Starting off, down on your luck. Come to an interview with the firm with a scruffy look and a broken screen on your phone.

Thus the journey begins….

The levels are divided into Assignments, help you move through the game and upwards in the department. Complete more and more assignments by detecting and solving crimes. Yes you will be spying on people and it gets to a point where the answer is not always that clear. This keeps you thinking.

Evidence, can be intriguing to see.  Anything from a person’s digital footprint, from private emails to text messages. It can be strange and it can be funny to see. Further you go, more deeper down the hole you go.

The story gets thrown out you in waves. Texts and calls from friends and family where you have to keep your life secret. Then you get a second job and get the opportunity to search into your friends and family.

No spoilers further than that. We do not want to ruin the surprises along the way.


A good game with a good indie graphical display. It aims to be on the cusp of reality and fiction and plays on that well. If you have the opportunity to earn lots of money in a dark situation do you do it? It posses questions to you as you play which you do not see often.

Only negative is the menu navigation is a little clunky, with its price currently at £11.39. This is definitely value for money.

4/5 rating.  


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