If you have not played Convoy whilst it was on PC, you have missed a gem of a game. Game is now available on consoles and needs to be played.

Think real time FTL but in a Mad Max like scenario is the best way to describe it.  Its a joy to behold.

About the Game

The story of the game is you crash land your ship on a Mad Max era like planet and you have to survive. Rebuild your ship and escape.  Those is the basics without spoiling what directions the story can take. 


There are three stages in the game, exploration, Upgrades and then combat.


Exploration focuses on completing objectives and exploring a complex map. You have finite resources so keep an eye on your petrol usage.


Upgrade your vehicle to cope with the bigger and bigger waves of enemies.




Combat is revolved around how you use your vehicles to kill the other vehicles. Lose your big carrier like vehicle, that it where you were so now you are dead.


A great game we bought ourselves that we spent a good chunk of our time into.  Need a good story with an interesting twist, pick this game.  It scratches the FTL itch with a real time vehicle environment.

For More Info –

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike is available now on Nintendo SwitchPlaystation 4, and Xbox One for $14.99 USD, and is still available on PC via Steam as well

Images provided by Evolve Pr.