This looks to be an intriguing concept and one to keep your eye on.



Independent Develop Nimble Entertainment have recently announced the early access release of their time paradox multiplayer shooter “Quantum League”.

It launches on Steam Early Access on May 26th. 

The characters and graphics make us think Overwatch.

About the Game

This competitive online FPS has one versus one and two versus two battles. All is done with in a time loop, where you have to tactically battle with your past and future selves.

The story says this takes place within “a alternate universe where time travel has changed the face of professional sports as we know it.”

It is a shooter where its focus will be on the speed of the rounds with you having to strategically use each round to change the dynamic in your favor.

Make sure to get that winning shot!!

For More Info-

Pictures provided from press pack by Plan of Attack and Nimble Giant Entertainment.

Links to sites below.

Nimble Giant Site

Quantum League Site