Next up, a review of a retro styled racer which echoes back to the 90s era of arcade racer.  Formula Retro Racing is a F1 styled single seater racer game, can it keep up with today’s racers?

Formula Retro Racing

Formula Retro Racing is a retro style arcade game which was influenced by the classic arcade racers of the past. Think Outrun or Daytona USA.



The game focuses on what you can do on the track. It has a fast and frenetic pace, with a purposely low poly graphics with a retro soundtrack and a tuneup with current hardware handling it well.  The visuals in HD and 4K still look retro but turned up a few notches.

2 modes are in the game currently with a classic arcade checkpoint race mode and also a eliminator mode.

Checkpoint races are the bread and butter of these types of games and you will find it is more harder than you think at first.

Eliminator races keeps the pace and adds to the energy as you have to stay in 10th or above in a 20 car race. Might sound easy but when you level up as you complete laps so does the opposition.

Also included are the car physics which you would not of seen then.  Now the cars are destructible with crazy physics to them. We crashed our car into a opponent in front, ended up losing 3 wheels. 





We liked the gameplay in game, with the physics and the pace of the game been terrific.  It took us a while to get up to pace, once we were there it was great.

The PC game is let down by the menus and the lack of mapping for the controls. Not much choice available and with other racer games having that from the off – it feels unfinished.

We hope they update the game soon with more options and controller mapping.  Good game play once you get in but we have to score it



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