When we look for games, we look for something we don’t normally play.  Aeroplane shooting games are not available all that often, Red Wings aims to change the mould.



Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is a dynamic action game in the skys, it puts you in the middle of amazing battles from the pages of the history with a arcade twist.  Take part in the aerial dogfights from early stages of flight (so no super sonic flight), when the courage of pilots bordered on insanity and the stakes were never higher.



You can play 50 story-driven campaign missions to relive the aerial combat of WW1.

Use your 4 unique skills to gain advantage in battles and take enemies down.

Control 10 historic warplanes of the “Entente Powers” and the “Triple Alliance”

Upgrade your pilot skill levels with a progression skill tree.

Different Game Modes to keep things interesting, even a local co-op.



Overall Thoughts

Love the gameplay and the feel of the game. Game will be coming to all the major platforms of PC, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox.

Watching the info videos and trailers,  the game has such an arcade feel with the design of the planes.  Traditional fighter planes but also bombers too!!!

We are itching to give the game a go.



For More Info

Game Site

Steam Page – Not out at time of writing. Wishlist it!!

Out on Nintendo Switch as of May 21st.

Official Trailer