Next up a game we reviewed in 2017, initial review was wiped from our records so we took that as a good excuse to look back at 911 Operator.


911 Operator is a game with a simple premise but an ever-evolving set of problems to solve. Take the role of a emergency call handler, and task all the emergency crews to deal with the issues. From people chopping their own legs off to a simple cat in a tree – how you tackle to issues is up to you!!


Start the day by aligning your police, ambulance and fire crews to where you need them. Make sure they are in the right equipment buying extra equipment, vehicles and more to man the crews before you begin duty.

Once duty begins you are locked in your choices.
Incidents occur on a map and you move the right crews to complete the events. If you do it too slow, prepare to suffer the consequences. Some are life threatening!

Whilst moving the crews, you still have to answer the phones. Featuring over 50 different voice over dialogues based on true events of serious, dramatic, funny or irritating nature to show what an emergency line operator has to deal with.


It is hard when you get to the bigger cities because the expectation is bigger. We got fired from a few cities on the first day for accidently missing calls, to having all units busy with minor stuff and missing a major incident.
Love the aspect of playing as any city in the world and that adds to it with the Steam Workshop adding lots of creative scenarios to play. One to definitely try.

At time of writing £10.99 on Steam, well worth the price if you have not tried it yet.

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Game released on 24th February, 2017 on PC. Available on multiple platforms.

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