We look trying new things and found a new drink to try that tackles the energy drink market in a interesting way.  How about a powder to just add to water?


About Sneak

Sneak is a different kind of energy drink. Sneak has a sugar free formula that aims to leave you energised, refreshed and ready to create.  It is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes.

Each serving of sneak should go into around 500 ml of normal water, this is only 12 calories. Zero Sugar Too!!


In Comparison

Sneak comes in powder form and can form.  The Powder form comes in tubs and Sachets.  Easiest way to help show the differences between Sneak and other products is to break down the info.

40 servings per tub, that 480 calories in total. In comparison a small can of cola contains 139 calories, so you can only have 3 and a half drinks of cola to 40 drinks of Sneak. 

In energy drinks themselves caffeine is a big thing.

  • Monster contains 32mg of caffeine per 100ml.
  •  Red Bull contains 32mg of caffeine per 100ml.
  • Sneak contains 50mg of caffeine per 100ml (based on 150mg/300ml on the label).


So it contains more caffeine but less calories and sugar.  It was interesting to see and interesting to test out how the product compares.

Lets Try It

Always on the look for alternatives to the unhealthy world of soda and energy drinks. I decided to buy the £13 taster stack for myself personally and thought I would give it a review for the site. (Link Here)

£10 for the shots of Sneak and a £3 shaker. 



The Review

We got 5 flavours to try.  Here are the flavours with information on them.

Stealth – One of the Original flavours. “Born Top Sercret, staying top secret”.   Tastes good, cannot really tell what flavour it is but we like it.

Blue Raspberry – Original flavour. “The Peoples favourite”.  You can taste the berries and when you leave it a while before drinking the flavour has so much depth.


Tropikilla – “Your favourite fruit crushed”. Tastes of pineapple and mango. Another one with good depth to it.

Cherry Bomb – “a classic with a twist” – Not so sure on this one. It has good flavour but did not have the hook of the first 3.

Purple Storm – “causing havoc since it launched”.  Not got the depth as the other flavours had.  Might be a grower if I had more to try.



Is it worth a try?  Yes, for sure it is worth a try. Especially for Soda and Energy Drinkers as it has a fantastic flavour depth and good range of flavours to try.

This is definitely a good drink after a long day at work or a start the day drink. Good in moderation.

We rate the product a good 4/5 score. 3 great, 1 good and 1 ok flavour. 


For More Info

This review was not sponsored or given free by Sneak. This was bought by the writer and he wanted to talk about the product more.

Sneak are happy for us to feature the pictures we have taken.

Sneak Energy Website is Here – https://sneakenergy.com/