With everything happening and developing with COVID, it has become more and more apparent we need to get our office equipment updated.

We took the opportunity to have a look at the product market and looked at Trust’s products in particular.


Good Reliable Mouse

The first thing in use after the on button on the PC is the mouse for us.  Having a good mouse to tackle the constant pressing and moving is needed.

Trust aim to help with the Trust Verro Ergonomic Wireless Mouse.  


The three main features they use to make it stand out from the market is first the price.  At time of writing, the price of £24.99 which is not the cheapest on the market but it is no way near the expensive model.  This is good for those of us who use PCs often but cannot pay big bucks.

An alternative angle, it is not like your traditional mouse with a flat arm on the table. This mouse will set your arm to a pleasant 60 degree angle and will not cause as much strain to your arm.


Wireless, if you have not tried a wireless mouse you have not lived. Wireless mouse means no more tangled cables, speaking from experience it is a dream.

It is currently available at Amazon with three different variations, the 60 degrees, Wired and Wireless.  Link Here.


Then The Keyboard

Now, Trust have offered an alternative to the Mouse we looked at the keyboard.

For that, they suggest the Trust Classic Line Wired Keyboard.  Currently Available at Argos.  Link Here.

With home offices been able to focus on your work and remaining trouble free is key.  This USB connected keyboard focuses on being durable and spill resistant (pretty good when you got kids).

Added bonus with new hardware you often have to install some software.  Not with this, this is simply plug and play.


Overall Thoughts

We love the mouse and honestly never really thought about the angle of our arm whilst we use the mouse we have currently.

Looking at the prices and the reviews on Trust, we saw a brand that needs some attention. It offers good value for money and looks to make some unique products as it goes.

For More Info

For More Info on Trust – visit their site.

It contains allot of information about their products and where you can get them. Also with some additional FAQs and help articles to tackle some of your technology issues.

Images provided by Nonsense PR.  Thoughts as always are our own.

More to come, next week we have a look at the headphones of Trust.