We love highlighting interesting things and we got our eyes on a intriguing clothing line.  Love + Chaos is a London Brand founded by Tal Booker, artist and designer. Designed to help express feelings and emotions of the past whilst embracing his creative flare.

About the Collection

Love + Chaos aims to communicate a product collection in a relatable and real way. It looks to promote conversation without forcing a narrative on the audience.  Each design holds a personal meaning to the creator but can be open to interpretation.

“Designs for people to relate and reflect on their own journey, whilst following current trends and high-quality clothing.”


There is allot in the collection so we will highlight our favourite three items (full site link at the bottom of this short look article).



Born From Love – Unisex College Hoodie

An intriguingly simple hoodie with a great tagline. Love the lettering/font and the use of yellow colour.

Love + Chaos Born From Love, Love + Chaos Made From Chaos Hoodie – £45.00



Do You Feel Love? – Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Tee

Love the illustration and the simple tagline to make people think. “Do You Feel Love” makes you ask the question of themselves or of you.  Promoting conversation.

Love + Chaos Do You Feel Love Long Sleeve Top, £32.00 at www.shoploveandchaos.com


Ignite My Soul – Unisex College Hoodie

Another thought provoking hoodie to talk about. It has thoughts to us about getting someone to ignite your soul in a positive way.

Love + Chaos Ignite My Soul Hoodie, £45.00 at www.shoploveandchaos.com



Overall Thoughts

Love the eye popping designs and the simple ones too, it draws your eye in and some are there to make you think.

It can be just a simple tagline that gets us thinking, love the concepts that he has created and how it can be customised on site.

For More Info


There is allot more to be explored with some more bespoke items on the site. The full range can be found at www.shoploveandchaos.com


Pictures and Info provided by BellePR.

As always, our thoughts are our own.



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