We got our hands on the latest demo for Jessika, a FMV game from TriTrie Games.  Best comparison is a mixture of Her Story and A Normal Lost Phone, both good games where you delve deep into the idea of the human mind.

Want to delve further – Link to the demo on Steam is here.



Jessika is the main focus of the game, she is a woman who committed suicide and you must use all your might to find out what happened.  You as the player are sat on your work laptop delving deeper into the reasons as to why she died.

You talk to the father and pry through messages and open up videos revealing stuff from her history.  Hacking her information starts off easy but gets harder as you go.



First Thoughts

We got around the demo in around 2 hours and we were attached to the investigation already.  The hidden short bits of story are terrific from just the demo and we cant wait to see how deep the full game will be.

The twists were starting to build when the demo finished but it is definitely one to watch off for.  It is on own wish list already.



For More Info


To Follow the game’s progress to release, please follow the publisher Assemble Entertainment on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Full Game is planned for release on 25th August 2020.

It is worth

Link to the demo on Steam is here.


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