One of the latest films released on Netflix is The Old Guard.  Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Greg Rucka,  The Old Guard is hitting the Netflix ratings by a storm and we thought we would give it a try.


The Old Guard

The Old guard is set around a group of mercenaries led by a weary warrior named Andy (Charlize Theron). The mercenaries all have a mysterious inability to die and have fought to protect the mortal world for centuries.

The film focuses on their latest emergency mission they are recruited for and what happens in the aftermath. There are plenty of twists and turns with Andy and Nile (KiKi Lane) leading the film through it all.

The group is well balanced as a collective with all the mercenaries of the group getting a time to shine within the film. Nile been the newest member adds a shakeup to the team but it was well needed to keep the team on their toes.

We will not spoil the rest but expect more twists and turns leads to a epic conclusion and a setup for possible second film.


THE OLD GUARD (2020) L-R: Kiki Layne (“Nile”), Charlize Theron (“AndyÓ). Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020

Overall Thoughts

Fantastic film that was unexpected to see. It held our attention from start to end and loved how it twisted, then turned in sometimes some unexpected direction.

It felt semi predictable at times but been a good action flick it was fine. Having watched lots of films, it cannot always be unexpected.

Loved it, good dynamic characters all three dimensional. Good backstories that could be explored more and a wish it will in a second film.

Score it a solid 5/5 – will be watching again. 

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